Will there be a token?

Yes. Clip Finance will have token generation event (TGE) once protocol hits $1 million in TVL.

Is Clip Finance audited?

Our code will be audited by ThreeSigma, please see audit report here.

Who is on the Clip team?

We're a team of 10. We have 5 full-time developers, business, community, and marketing operations.

The Clip team's crypto journey started in 2013. Our core contributors have built retail-focused crypto products with over 11 million users (>$7 billion volume transacted), founded tokenization and FinTech platforms, won a Chainlink hackathon, and spent the past four years immersed in DeFi.

We're experienced builders and yield farmers turning passion into reality with Clip Finance. We're looking to expand our team. If you're interested in joining us, please reach out on Discord or Telegram.

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