Our Values

The Clip Finance team is dedicated to providing the best user experience in DeFi. At the same time, we recognize the need for proper values and principles to set an example for the whole industry.

DeFi is often seen in a negative light by both its participants and those looking in. This is the result of greed and poor moral judgment - two traits that plague every emerging industry. This greed has resulted in significant financial loss to innocent users and caused outsiders to question the intentions and safety of our industry.

At Clip, we accept this reality but also celebrate that the best and brightest minds in the world are building this industry to create a better future. We recognize the power that DeFi has to transform the imperfections of our global financial systems. Our team intends to further that mission.

Clip Finance believes in the positive impact that can come from sharing our guiding values and principles. The most relevant (for the users) of these business principles are the following:


Many projects in crypto do not have a good roadmap or real experience in building a business, or they have raised a lot of money and thus have lost the motivation to execute, or contributors just lose interest due to the number of opportunities in the space. This often leads to a lack of long-term commitment. At Clip, we're hyper-focused on a long-term vision of building the very best future for our users.

User Experience

Clip builds everything to create a great user experience. We live and die by the experience of our users. DeFi's complexity continues to make it inaccessible for many. We're changing that by placing simplicity, safety, and transparency at the core of our product thinking.


We're 100% transparent with our users about the yield they're earning, the strategies we use, and the protocol fee structure. Always.

People and Processes

Projects are made successful by a high-quality team and a process-oriented mindset. At Clip, we're bringing in A-level builders and contributors with experience executing at a high level. A process-centric protocol with great people is the path to sustainable success.


Our team is spread across Europe and North America. We're transitioning to a community-governed protocol with delegated councils. Decentralization is a vital part of Clip's identity.


Our code will be audited by two third-party security firms before launch. We'll also be performing periodic audits to monitor the safety and performance of Clip's smart contracts. In addition, each strategy will be rigorously examined by our risk-scoring matrix before going live. To further protect our users, we're engaging with an insurance provider and will be setting up an internal recovery fund. Safety is a pillar of Clip Finance - our actions speak for themselves.

Balanced Growth

Startups make mistakes as they grow - we likely will too. But when people's funds are at stake, it's critical to prioritize the safety of the protocol in every decision made. We emphasize balanced growth to ensure the long-term sustainability of Clip Finance while bringing continued value to the community.


Building a vibrant and organic community is difficult. We're focused on attracting people who create value, foster interesting discussions, share cool memes, and support the protocol's success. We hope you'll join us.

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