What's next

  • Negotiating with a major liquidity provider to secure deposits in the range of $5-$10 million.
  • Clip Finance & Linea collaboration campaign. (Exclusive dedicated campaign with multi-layered incentives including Linea XP)
  • $CLIP token launch & distribution campaign - DEX & CEX
  • Smart Pool integration into Pancake Swap, Izumi, QuickSwap, Horizon Dex, and any other DEXes
  • Strategic chain partnership expansion
  • Onboarding of 27 token projects for Clip Finance V2 active liquidity management and market-making

V2 product iteration

  • Intent-Driven Transactions: Elevating smart contract capabilities, and intents allows complex, customized transactions combining different protocol actions allowing on-chain hedging, saving cost on strategy development, and enhancing time to market.
  • Decentralized Node System: Ensures robust security and efficient execution, underpinning the platform’s strategic and operational integrity
  • AI Analytics: Powers proactive strategy adjustments and predictive market responses, leveraging advanced data analysis