Strategy Discussion

Title: Yield Earning Strategy: [Strategy Name]

Introduction: Provide a brief introduction of the yield-earning strategy idea, and potential benefits to the CLIP Finance ecosystem.

Strategy Overview:

  1. Assets Involved: List the assets that will be part of this strategy.

  2. Protocols Involved: List the protocols that will be part of this strategy. And give a brief overview of these protocols with websites.

  3. Doxxed: Are the founders of protocols involved in the strategy known? If not, please add your comment on why you trust them.

  4. Mechanism: Explain the mechanism behind the proposed yield earning strategy, including how it works, potential risks, and ways to mitigate those risks.

  5. Fees: Address if there are any deposit or withdrawal fees.

  6. Insurance: Are involved protocols insured?

  7. Bug Bounty: Does the protocol have a bug bounty program?

  8. Expected Yield: Provide an estimate of the expected yield from implementing this strategy and any factors that may influence it.

  9. Desired Allocation: Provide % allocation of Clip total pool towards the given strategy.

  10. Development: Provide information concerning the development of the strategy. By who, for how long, and what necessary funding will be needed?

    1. Develop the strategy yourself: If you have the necessary skills and expertise, you can develop the strategy independently.

    2. Request funding to develop the strategy: If you have a solid strategy idea but need financial support to bring it to fruition, you can request funding from the Clip Finance community. This funding could be used to hire developers, perform audits, or cover other costs associated with the development of the strategy. Present a detailed plan outlining the funding requirements and how the funds will be utilized.

    3. Ask the core contributors to develop the strategy: If you believe your strategy idea has significant potential but you lack the technical expertise to develop it, you can request the core contributors of Clip Finance to take on the development. Be sure to provide a thorough explanation of the strategy, its benefits, and the reasons why it should be prioritized by the core contributors.

  11. Longevity: Evaluate the sustainability of the proposed strategy. Do you have a napkin calculation of how much the growth of the pool will dilute rewards (or are the protocol fees paid to LPs growing rapidly as well, etc)?

  12. Risk assessment: Evaluate where the proposed strategy stands in the risk scoring matrix.

    1. Ensure that your strategy aligns with the protocol's risk appetite. Risk categories considered include yield farms and connected services, stablecoins, liquidity risk, and impermanent loss risk. Strategies are classified into four risk levels: Low, Medium, High, and Reject Risk. Review the risk following the Risk Scoring Matrix

  13. Similar Strategies (optional): Mention any similar strategies that have been successfully implemented in other yield optimizer protocols or platforms, and explain what differentiates your proposal.

  14. Miscellaneous: Links to POCs and other relevant resources that would help study the underlying strategy.

  15. Disclosures: State any affiliation to the protocol.

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