Step-by-Step Guide

You will naturally start on our homepage ( From here you will want to launch our app and you will have to accept the acknowledgement you can see below.

Once you have accepted the acknowledgment, you will be routed to the "Earn" page. This is our live stablecoin vault that combines simple AMM, CLMM, and bridge stablecoin yields.

With one click you can gain exposure to all of these sources of yield in one place. You won't have to pay the gas fees to deposit into each of these protocols, the yield is more stable given the diversified basket of assets the yield is coming from, and you will gain more yield as Clip Finance has an auto-rebalance mechanism building into our stablecoin vaults.

Submit the amount you want to deposit: we currently accept USDC and USDT. Next, click "Give Permissions."

This permission you are giving is pretty simple: you are giving Clip Finance the ability to spend x amount of stablecoins. Select an amount larger than the maximum you ever might deposit so that you do not have to give permissions again.

Confirm this in your wallet.

Finally, click "Deposit" and your transaction will need to be confirmed in your wallet. Once this is done your deposit will start earning yield.

Above you can see where we are currently (at the time of this writing) allocating the funds deposited into the BSC and Linea stablecoin vaults. You can check these allocations in real time by scrolling down on the "Earn" page you deposited on.

To see the funds you deposited into the stablecoin vault, select "Manage."

You will see the total amount deposited here, along with your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily yield projections. You can also see your live reward accumulation here.

To withdraw your assets and cumulative yield or some part your stablecoins, simply click "Withdraw Assets."

Select the amount you want to withdraw and select "Withdraw."

Confirm the transaction in your wallet and then wait for the transaction to process.

You can check in your wallet for your incoming funds or confirm in the "Manage" tab that you in fact have had your withdrawal deducted from your balance.

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