Fee capture

How Clip is earning fees

Performance fees

  • Trading Fees

  • Governance Token Sales

Transaction Fees

  • Share Swap Fees - Smart Vaults

Clip Finance revolutionizes the DeFi experience by condensing the traditionally complex process of depositing assets into yield pools into a seamless one-click operation. In conventional scenarios, users navigating through DeFi protocols undergo multiple steps, including

  • approvals

  • swaps

  • deposits across various smart contracts

Accruing significant gas fees along the way.

Clip Finance's innovative approach minimizes these steps and the associated gas fees, while adding a modest service fee that remains below the total cost users would typically incur on the blockchain. This efficiency is achieved through the use of 'intents', a sophisticated mechanism that not only simplifies transactions but also offers substantial savings on fees.

Clip Finance is committed to delivering a user-friendly DeFi investment experience without compromising on efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

Service Fees

  • Market-making for token issuers

These are the core fee-capturing mechanisms we’re implementing. Clip Finance also has a unique approach to tokenomics where the issuance of tokens is tied to the protocol's performance and the community’s voice is utilized to hit token unlock milestones. You can read more about our tokenomics here.

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