Adding Strategies

Clip Finance process to add new strategies into yield farming pool

Power of the collective

We believe in the power of collective ideas when it comes to building yield strategies. As a community, we recognize that each individual brings their own unique perspective and expertise to the table and by coming together, we can achieve better investment outcomes than any one individual could achieve alone.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the concept of the wisdom of crowds, and we believe that by harnessing the collective intelligence of our community, we can build more comprehensive and effective yield strategies. We are committed to fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, where members can learn from one another and benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences within the group.


As a developer, you are incentivized to build the most secure and profitable strategies. If your strategy is selected to be included in the Router, you get paid a share of the revenue generated by the strategy.

If you’re launching a pool as a protocol, your biggest challenge is attracting liquidity. Protocols can submit their strategy to the Clip Finance community for inclusion in the Strategy Router. If the risk-scoring process is passed and the submitted strategy gets deployed to the Router, a portion of Clip’s TVL will be directed to the protocol’s pool.

As a community member and Clip governance token holder, you can vote on which strategies should be included in the Router and help shape the future of Clip Finance.

Below you will learn about the process of adding new strategies to the Strategy Router.

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