Why Clip Finance

Yield has been one of the key pillars of the DeFi industry since its inception. People want their money to work for them, but it isn’t. More than 50% of Uniswap V3 liquidity providers are losing money. That is $2.5B of capital put at risk with no upside.

Hence, there needs to be new ways for liquidity providers to earn yield without putting their capital at such risk. Additionally, with the advent of concentrated liquidity, many LPs lose money because they have neither the time nor expertise to manage the ranges of their positions.

Liquidity provision is also very complicated. You need to research, analyze, diversify, and monitor your positions manually. And while there are tons of exciting financial innovations, not every blockchain enthusiast has the know-how to use these products.

Clip Finance is designed to empower both the DeFi-savvy users who craft their yield strategies and manage liquidity, as well as newcomers seeking straightforward avenues to deposit assets and earn yields. Anyone seeking efficient, automated tools to maximize yields and mitigate risks. To Institutional Investors & Hedge Funds, Token Issuers & DeFi Protocols, Crypto Wallets, Exchanges & DeFi Platforms.

For institutional players seeking a compliant, user-friendly platform for smart liquidity provision, we invite you to contact us to explore partnership opportunities. Token projects looking to improve their token management but lacking expertise in managing V3 liquidity can benefit from our non-custodial token vaults, where we adeptly handle your liquidity ranges.

Our team, with strong hands-on experience

  • Artur, co-founder of Paxful - Times 100 Most Influential Companies 2022, a P2P Bitcoin marketplace with over 10M users and $5B trade volume.

  • Alex a former CTO of a DEX with over $80M in TVL and previously before AI was cool founded AI startup for model scouting.

As a crypto-native team, we understand the challenges and are committed to solving them.

Clip Finance aims to make liquidity management effortless, secure, and interoperable. As a flagship product, it will integrate with various DeFi protocols, offering professionally managed yield products. Serving retail users, institutions, and token projects, it seeks to provide compliance-oriented and on-chain market-making solutions. With a proprietary, decentralized AI-driven execution layer, Clip Finance will improve over time, benefiting from community adoption.

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