Introduction to Yield Farming Strategies

Yield farming strategies are the leading product of Clip's ecosystem.

What are Strategies?

Clip Finance's modular smart contracts execute stablecoin yield farming strategies and return profits to Clip's users. All strategies go through a risk scoring procedure and are rigorously tested by the Clip Finance contributors before implementation.

These smart contracts are pieces of code that autonomously execute yield farming actions by interacting with the relevant external protocols. The strategies auto-compound token rewards to maximize profits. Despite the automated nature of Clip's strategies, users can withdraw their initial investment and profits from the protocol at any time.

Clip Finance is initially building on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but will be implementing yield farming strategies across 10+ leading blockchains.

How are Strategies Chosen?

Yield farming strategies are researched and deployed by the Clip Finance contributors. We regularly monitor stablecoin opportunities across the leading blockchains to identify the safest and most lucrative yield farming strategies. Our crypto native team (building since 2013) uses its industry know-how in the assessment of each yield farming strategy.

Clip also analyzes new strategies against a comprehensive risk scoring matrix. The resulting risk score plays a vital role in the strategies we choose to implement. Read more about the risk scoring procedure here.

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