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Cross-chain DeFi yield products
Clip Finance is a DeFi protocol offering cross-chain yield solutions with a superior user experience and gamification. Our goal is to deliver yield products everyone can use regardless of their prior knowledge and experience.
The suite of products Clip is bringing to the market:
  • Risk managed and automated yield optimization for stablecoins
  • Yield portfolio management
  • Leveraged yield
  • Clip Finance branded debit card
  • Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivatives product
  • Upfront fixed-rate yield
Clip Finance is introducing a new NFTFi concept The Yield Wars. Becoming a NFT holder and participating in The Yield Wars enables you to multiply your yield as well as receive CLIP token airdrop.
Clip Finance CLIP token rewards are unlocked when TVL (total value locked) milestones are hit. Clip's tokenomics is NOT a typical protocol where Clip is emitting tokens based on time. If the protocol isn't growing and succeeding then no new tokens are unlocked. Only when Clip's TVL is growing then new tokens are unlocked with same unlocking rules for everyone. The team and investors’ interests are aligned with the users.